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adapSys is a cloud based accounting package with inventory control.
The system is secured and requires an User ID and password.
Company specific modules can be added as per customer needs at an extra cost (Available in paid version).
Module specific user access control is there in the system (Available in paid version).
Every work of each user is logged for review (Available in paid version).

Clean Code

The source code is well documented and very clean, well indented. The generated code (from module generator) is also clean and well indented. The source can be edited online and changes are reflected well on saving the file. That means the ERP source can be managed / altered / added online and developer specific access control is there for adding and editing codes.

Easy To Customize

Paid version users will get access to ERP source and will be able to customize the same. New modules can be added using our module generator tool. 70% to 80% of the generated code can be used unaltered, 20% customisation may be required to change the generated module as per requirement. Trained users will be able to publish a module in a single days effort.

Free of Charge

There is no hidden cost to use the system. The free version have some restrictions, single-user, single-company concept. The paid version of the ERP have multi-user with module wise access rights and multiple company concept. Free version users will get updates free of cost but no dedicated support will be provided.

How adapSys Works?


Register (one time) and validate your email. Provide few details about your company segment and you are ready to use our system. The users os adapSys can search and view leads as per company segment which in turn will help your business grow.

Upgrade to paid version

Once upgraded to our paid version you will have separate copy of our ERP which you can modify as per your needs (or we can do the modifications as per your requirement against a nominal fees). Paid version users will get a separate DB copy for enhanced speed and support. Paid version users will get dedicated support from our team.

Modify, add things in ERP

After upgrading to paid version, you can add modules using our module generator tool. To use our module generator tool basic knowledge is required but no code is to be written in the beginning. After adapSys creates the module for you (the Source and database tables) then you can alter the source as per needs to make it full proof.

Start using

After modifying base ERP (if required) and adding modules you can start using ERP. We take care of the data, the hardware infrastructure and backup your data by imaging. Plus the set of source that you altered/added will be safe in our servers.

Advantages using adapSys over other ERP.

Our Pricing Options

We have only two choices. One free version another paid version.

In our free version we will provide bug fixing, free updates and additions. But you cannot modify ERP or add modules.

In the paid version you will be able to modify ERP and add modules as per your need. Will get dedicated support from our team.

Free Plan


Per Year

  • Single User
  • Single Company
  • Shared ERP cannot customise
  • Shared Database
  • Restricted transactions
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Paid Plan


Per Year

  • Unlimited User
  • Multiple Company
  • Separate ERP customisable
  • Separate Database
  • Unlimited transactions
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